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Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!): New Car Dream Wish List With Technology Available Today

Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!)

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Friday, January 25, 2008

New Car Dream Wish List With Technology Available Today

Every once in awhile, I catch myself day dreaming about my car of the future...near future of course. Forget that I refuse to pay full price for a brand new car and forget that I just got a new car a few years ago, hence the refusal to ever pay for a brand new car again. But, that's what dreams are for, right? I mean, why don't most cars have the things on this list? The technology, for the most part IS available today, or at the very latest...tomorrow. Cost shouldn't be an issue, cause if the cars had all this stuff, more people would buy the thing! In light of my latest interest and car troubles, here is my list.

Okay, the car, or probably a van or SUV-type vehicle, cause a car is just too small, would need to have:

  • Some kind of microchip in the key FOB so you will never lock your keys in the car again. Somehow, that darn key would know that it's sitting on the floor or carseat somewhere, INSIDE the car and not allow you to manually lock the car doors.
  • Self inflating tires. I already told you about my run in with my no flat tires on my Honda Odyssey. Now I am so turned off by the price of those darn tires, I don't even want to talk about it anymore. How about, instead, having some kind of compressed air thing that would shoot some kind of goo and air into a tire, filling it back up and sealing it in the process? It would then give you enough time to safely get off the road and to somewhere where that tire can be replaced.
  • System similar to OnStar that can't spy on you. Did you know that an OnStar operator can turn on your system and eavesdrop on your conversations? How's that for Big Brother? I read of a police department that actually used the system to listen in on someone...great for catching criminals..not so great when it comes to your civil liberties. Let's have some kind of OnStar thing that can only be turned on by someone in the vehicle and/or that is activated by a crash and no other way. Let's make it inexpensive enough to put it in every car and then have the cost of maintenance figured into every car's price.
  • A GPS system with voice control. Our van has a GPS, but I have almost run off the road twice inputting data or looking for a hotel's phone number. Let's make all the commands voice activated. Of course, this probably means memorizing a list of commands..and no, I haven't memorized my Odyssey's list of commands, cause it does have voice control...but I don't need a voice control for "fan on" or what is the "time"...just the GPS please.
  • Swivel seats in the middle and a little table. Oops, it's already being done in the new Chrysler isn't it? Let's see it in all minivans and SUVs.
  • Have the middle row seats stow into the floor along with the rear seats. I know, I know...I had a Ford guy tell me that the stowaway seats are not as sturdy and as safe as those that do fold flat...but, in light of the superlight and strong materials they use these days, there must be some way to do it? Many vans already have storage compartments in the middle under the floor, don't they?
  • Universal holders and chargers for cell phone and all your electronic devices. I read, that in the near future, there will be a "charging pad" that will be plugged in (this is for in-home use). You then put whatever device on top of this pad to's all universal and no cords are ever needed again...isn't that something? Let's see it in the car too.
  • A Stereo headjack in the stereo system. Plug in your MP3 player or even your laptop, and play all your music, podcasts and stuff through your car stereo system. Right now, there really are no other options for the rest of us, other than those FM transmitters, that don't really work and headphones...a big no-no in the car... and possibly mini speakers.
  • Dirt resistant paint on the exterior and interior seating and carpets. Look, I know there are some compounds that let dirt slide ride off. Wouldn't it be neat to have road dirt not collect on your vehicle? That it would just slide right off Same goes for the inside. No more spots and stains!
  • Storage, storage and more storage. I know we have little bins and things in many of our cars already...umpteen cupholders too. But, I am talking about storage where you can store things you might not use everyday, such as the mini Yellow Pages you get in the mail, road hazard stuff, extra jackets...and you know if you have kids, it's always best to have an extra outfit and/or jacket for everyone. It looks so unsightly seeing all this stuff sitting out and getting thrown around. Let's get it all stowed away.
  • A built-in dustbuster. Just a little one that folds into the wall or something. Of course, it needs to be recharging there too. I hate getting out the big vacuum, and this would allow you to do a little crumb sucking during downtimes you just happen to be in your car. Waiting in my kids' school car line would be an ideal time for me. I usually run out of reading materials and radio shows by the time it's my turn at the front of the line.
  • A display on the front window. You read it right. Just a quick blurb giving your speed and gas situation. That way, you don't have to constantly look down.
  • Safety foam. This may actually be way off in the future, but I bet they are working on it. How about a foam that sets within seconds and will shoot out from all angles in a severe crash. I guess it would have to be forgiving enough not to crush you and still allow you to breathe! I don't think this request is totally science fiction, so I will add it to my list. I bet airbags had the same rap when they first came out.
What things would you like to see in your next vehicle of the future?



Blogger Marine Wife said...

Legroom, legroom, legroom. Oh, and incredible gas mileage, of course. Our problem is that choice is so limited b/c Stretch just doesn't fit in much of anything. His legs are just too long! And when he does fit, well, the person behind him isn't left with much room. And both of our girls are projected to reach around 6' in height. Granted, they are not that big yet, but they are growing every day and we tend to keep vehicles for a long time.

Great wish list, btw.

January 27, 2008 at 8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the carmakers are reading your list! Good ideas!

January 28, 2008 at 1:40 AM  

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