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Honda and Michelin Both Win the "Nightmare of the Year" Award

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Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!): Honda and Michelin Both Win the "Nightmare of the Year" Award

Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!)

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Honda and Michelin Both Win the "Nightmare of the Year" Award

Just when I thought my tire saga was isn't. I've blogged before about my issues with the Michelin Pax tires and my Honda Odyssey. I thought I was going to be smart this time around and save a few hundred dollars by buying the Pax tires - the only ones that fit the 2005 (and 2006 and 2007) Odyssey Touring Model - from our local Sears. Not only were they cheaper than Honda's price by a little but by a lot 'cause they were on sale. My happy dance turned into a nightmare episode yesterday.

I dutifully brought my Honda to Sears after my two tires came just under $400, that is actually a bargain believe it or not. I was told it would be a few hours...standard answer and just fine by me. Since Sears was at the mall, what a perfect excuse to go shopping. While shopping into my third hour I thought...ooops, why haven't they called me? So I made a quick call and was confronted with a diarrhea of words from the Sears tech...all I heard was "broken", "sorry" a half dozen times and "gash".

After I gained my composure, I realized one of my old tires had been damaged...come to find out, they did not have the equipment nor training to handle these then why do they sell them? Why did no one tell me this when I made the appointment? I told him this would not stand. I needed those old tires as back-up while we were over in Germany..they still had 1/3 of their life left, which is why I told Sears to keep them....those idiots! I told him that they would have to make this whole fiasco right, that I was on my way and that a manager better be there to greet me.

It's a good thing I had to walk from one end of the mall to the other....I had to settle myself down. After getting there, not only was the tech and the manager there, but also a half dozen other Sears people....Lord knows who they all were. Without me demanding it ('cause I had it in my mind that I would ask for at least half off the price of the new tires), they gave me the new tires at a 50% discount and made arrangements for me to take it to the local Honda dealer. I figured that would be acceptable and went on my way. I was happily surprised that my old tires were still serviceable. The gash was very minor and did not cause any air to leak out. At this point, I thought, what a roundabout way to get something deeply discounted.

Off to Honda, where I had gotten my front tires replaced at $200 more than the Sears quote a few months ago. You see, these Pax tires only last 15,000 to 30,000 miles on average. They took the vehicle right in. I had a long talk with the service rep. He said he absolutely hates these tires! In the years he has worked there, he has dealt with 200 blowouts on these stupid tires versus TWO blowouts on the Odysseys that don't have them. He acknowledged Honda made a big mistake in offering these tires as the ONLY choice for THREE years of Touring Models. He did say that Honda can retrofit your Honda at a cost of $1900. What does that involve? A NEW AXLE for your Honda Odyssey!!!!! As I have blogged before, yes you can change your rims and tires to another type of tire on your own, but it will void your ENTIRE vehicle warranty and will affect vehicle performance and isn't that special...a whole vehicle design that is dependent on the tire design. I ended up leaving Honda feeling dirty and took three hours to change those tires at a cost of $200 labor...the tires are that labor intensive to change...shame on Michelin for making such an inferior product. I have had just about enough of Honda. This is enough to make me shop elsewhere for my next vehicle. I feel they were dishonest and now won't make it right for the thousands of us who have this vehicle. What about when I'd like to sell it (which will be before my tires run out the next time I am hoping)? So I'm supposed to be dishonest as well to my next potential customer? If I'm honest, I'll never be able to sell it...what dummy would buy something like this? If anyone from Honda is reading this....make it right. Anyone have any other vehicle nightmare stories to share?



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