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Your Flower Planter Can Burn Your House Down

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Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!): Your Flower Planter Can Burn Your House Down

Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!)

My goal here is to make your life easier, especially those who are in the unique situation of being a military spouse. Yes...I've been around...but in a good way...and hopefully can share those tips, tricks and shortcuts with you too. I've been on this military bus for over 40 years now. My goals in life are to have a well-run home, few money worries, well adjusted children, money socked away and whatever happiness I can scoop out of life.

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After life as an Army brat, being in the Army myself and marrying a soldier, I can honestly say I have a bucket full of life lessons I can share to help you make your everyday life easier and enlightening. Don't waste your time making unnecessary mistakes and benefit from others who have come before you on your journey through life.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Your Flower Planter Can Burn Your House Down

Here's something you don't think about every day. Do you have a planter sitting on your front porch or back deck somewhere that has potting soil in it? Have you been meaning to plant something in there but just haven't gotten around to it. Did you know this little set-up could cause your house to burn down?

Yes, it can. It's called spontaneous combustion and it happens more often than you think. Just ask your local fire department and look around on the internet. The gases and build-up from the fertilizer create heat...heat hot enough to spontaneously start smoking or burst into flames. I just heard a caller on a radio show say they smelled smoke for a few days. They just thought the neighbors were doing some barbecuing. When they started to smell it more often, the husband looked out his back window to see huge flames leaping up the side of his house. The firemen said if he hadn't been home to catch that and alert them, his whole house would've burned down. The fire inspector said the fire began in that planter on the back deck. His wife had been meaning to plant something in there....for the last year it sat like that.

Keep that in mind and go check your planters. It could save your house! Do you have any other nutty advice to share from around the house?



Blogger Jacki Hollywood Brown said...

They believe that something like this may have been the cause of a 5 alarm fire in my neigbourhood last Tuesday. 150 firefighters managed to get 40 people out of 4 buildings unharmed (hooray). The buildings have been condemned. There is almost nothing left.

Clutter in any form can cause a fire...piles of rags, unused planters, boxes of stuff just lying around.

If you're not going to USE it, LOSE it.

May 16, 2008 at 4:20 PM  
Anonymous Diane said...

All I can say That is freaky. On a side note, if you're a renter, be sure you have renters' insurance. I was one of only a handful of people in my apartment building (about 10 years ago) who did and it made a huge difference. Can't tell you how many of my friends got it after it happened to me. And to prepare -- grab your camcorder and film your whole house -- and then keep that tape somewhere other than your home. It can save you a TON of work. Wish I knew THAT tidbit at the time.

May 20, 2008 at 2:14 AM  
Blogger ****Veteran Military Wife at Life Lessons of a Military Wife**** said...

I totally agree. The cost of renter's insurance is minimal compared to what your losses would be! We always get it as well when we rent or are in military housing...peace of mind. I've also written on how to do a property inventory here at the site.

May 20, 2008 at 1:35 PM  

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