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The Fear of a Short Circuit and Driving Myself Crazy

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Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!): The Fear of a Short Circuit and Driving Myself Crazy

Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!)

My goal here is to make your life easier, especially those who are in the unique situation of being a military spouse. Yes...I've been around...but in a good way...and hopefully can share those tips, tricks and shortcuts with you too. I've been on this military bus for over 40 years now. My goals in life are to have a well-run home, few money worries, well adjusted children, money socked away and whatever happiness I can scoop out of life.

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After life as an Army brat, being in the Army myself and marrying a soldier, I can honestly say I have a bucket full of life lessons I can share to help you make your everyday life easier and enlightening. Don't waste your time making unnecessary mistakes and benefit from others who have come before you on your journey through life.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Fear of a Short Circuit and Driving Myself Crazy

A few months ago, I recently started a routine of using a heating pad on my sore back. I hate to admit it, but it really helps with my back problems. I turn the thing on right before I go to bed, and over here in Germany, it gives me the added cozy effect, especially when hubby is gone. Well, I had to scare myself by watching some kind of Animal Heroes program on TV yesterday.

You see, I sometimes forget to turn the thing off...sometimes at night, right before I drift off to sleep, but even more so in the morning, after I get up...which is even scarier. Why? Cause I just watched this pug-faced cat save her owner because she fell asleep with a heating pad on her shin splints and it short circuited. It started to burn and smolder, and if the cat hadn't woken her up, I guess it would've burned through her leg, the bed and possibly the house before she noticed it!

Needless to say, I am paranoid about using the heating pad again...and I look around at all these powerstrips around the house...constantly I putting my family at risk? Of course when you google, "house fire and short circuit", all kinds of articles and stories come up. I guess what I'd like to know, will a lamp plugged in and turned off ever short circuit? What about any other electrical item in my house? Or does there have to be electrical juice running to the item, such as in a powerstrip? If anyone knows the answer, please enlighten me before I make myself crazy trying to figure it out!



Blogger Foof4e said...

I'm not sure how much comfort I can be, but one idea foryour back at least, is use rice/herb bag that you microwave. You really need to be careful in germany with te power strips, they should help protect you, but the transformers, (even though your housing maybe 110, it is still a bit off,)might short out, last time we were in Germany, one of my power strips melted. Yikes. You just need to make sure your smoke detectors are up to speed, have some faith & don't over load your outlets.

November 5, 2008 at 7:05 AM  

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