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Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!): Feeding the Pig?

Life Lessons of a Military Wife (overseas in Europe!)

My goal here is to make your life easier, especially those who are in the unique situation of being a military spouse. Yes...I've been around...but in a good way...and hopefully can share those tips, tricks and shortcuts with you too. I've been on this military bus for over 40 years now. My goals in life are to have a well-run home, few money worries, well adjusted children, money socked away and whatever happiness I can scoop out of life.

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After life as an Army brat, being in the Army myself and marrying a soldier, I can honestly say I have a bucket full of life lessons I can share to help you make your everyday life easier and enlightening. Don't waste your time making unnecessary mistakes and benefit from others who have come before you on your journey through life.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feeding the Pig?

What a cute site...and easy to understand....interactive...and you are learning about your own spending and saving habits with the folksy graphic-rich tutorials. Even with all the reading and podcast listening I do, heavy in financials, I was able to get an insight into my own habits and savings tendencies.

After listening to the pig talking about...what, I clicked on "Me, Save?". Yeah, I was a little freaked out by the pig's head on the man's body...but it was an effective visual to get me to pay attention. I was then presented with a few different choices of personalities, such as the Trend Spender, the Newbie Nester and the Plan-a-Phobe, among others. I ended up choosing the Chronic Collector, 'cause I do have a few collections around the house and like to keep things forever.

You can then pick habits and find out how much those habits are costing you in...ka-ching....$$$$$$....the only thing that seems to get through my thick skull sometimes. Luckily, I think I only had one or two of the habits I can see exactly what those habits are costing me, including interest!

Feed the Pig

I'm going to go ahead and check out the 5% challenge. Let me know what you think about the site, which is part of a huge campaign by the Ad Council and the AICPA to get the younger-somethings (which is why it is graphics heavy) to think about their savings and also to learn how to save. I think it's a good idea. What do you think? If I had a teenager, I certainly would get them to check out this site.



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